Thursday, August 7, 2014

Vizio E-Series 39 & 42" Safety Recall

Good consumer advice; even if you have this set wall-mounted, dispose of the stand and get a safe replacement fronm Vizio.  Accidents happen and can injure children, pets, and more.

If you're effected and want help call PM Systems at 508-746-7771

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Following Panasonic; Samsung ends plasma TV production

... leaving LG still in the game ... for now

These Panasonic - Samsung & LG plasmas still represent excellent value to the consumer.  Remembering that they started out in ED (Extended Definition) - HD was still a ways off, at $25,000 for a 42" set.

Todays 42 goes for under $400 - 50" under $600 and 60" under $999 for a killer picture

samsung drops plasma production

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Problem to Asset

Jim & Elaine called me a few weeks ago in their new Pinehills condo; Peter; what do we do with the big old cavity for a tube TV above our fireplace?

I came out & measured & saw the opportunity for a flat panel TV with matching soundbar to cover this hole; but better yet use the opening as a place for cable box and Blu-ray DVD.

We started on a plan with Samsung 46" 1080p and matching soundbar; but migrated to LG 47" as the better choice as having a WAY better soundbar reputation.

The SnapAV mount was a great match; all the geometry worked out just perfectly and the TV in place swings left to access Blu-ray DVD and the Verizon cable box. Cord flexibility was a plan; not an afterthought & new black thin HDMIs enhance the easy swing of the mounting arm.  Finished with a surge-suppression outlet protecting all components and vertical spacers under the feet of the cable box & Blu-ray allow plenty of ventilation to run cool as a cucumber.

So we have happy customers & happy components.  Oh and yea, the Bluetooth soundbar sounds really sweet. A great way to enjoy good sound from movies, Pandora or Rhapsody on today's thin TVs :)

LG 47LB5800 1080p SmartTV - LG NBN36 Bluetooth Soundbar

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

iTunes Update Woes

iTunes 11.1.4 for Windows: Unable to install or open

you get this? error messages starting your PC?  well I lost iTunes on my desktop, and 2 laptops 10 days ago when it updated to ver. 11.1.4   

We're more used to Microsoft giving us NEW problems as they cure OLD problems; a trade-off tradition.

So the fix?   I Ignored it a while; I STILL wonder why CNET and other tech news sources didn't address this snafu - and maybe I'm in the "silent minority". But this afternoon in earnest I googled "iTunes update problem" and was led to an iTunes forum with instructions.  It looks formidable but wasn't so bad; maybe 40 minutes tops while doing other things.

You basically are doing a full thorough uninstall and removal manually then a reboot and reinstall iTunes.  And up comes my music collection unscathed :)

So tackle it I you'll get the satisfaction.  Isn't so bad; and i I will say problems with iTunes are pretty rare thank goodness!

Heres the link:

Now: that great new Rosanne Cash CD I want to burn ... now I CAN! :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Danger Alert: Don’t Let the TV Fall on Your Kid!

Good reading. Especially if your set is sitting on a shakey or narrow depth table - consider a free evaluation visit from your local TV & AV guy!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Airport Signage Death Tragedy

As I catch bits and pieces about the airport tragedy in Louisiana in which a display containing flat panel TVs fell forward on a family; killing their young son and injuring others - this is a reminder that safety is so important.  We do commercial as well as residential and from our first commercial work in 1990 installing TVs and music systems in malls across New England there is no substitute for common sense as well as experience.

Anchoring systems should be solid and far under stressed to their rated capacity. Surfaces should be considered; drywall was meant to help fireproof and hold paint - never to support speakers or TVs. And newer construction products like steel studs and plastic anchors should not be relied upon to prevent injury.

Experience - care in installation - knowledge of the products and demands of the installation are so important; whether its Logan Airport or Johnny Smith's bedroom plasma TV.

Need expert installation?  Questioning an existing or future installation? Give me a call; most job surveys are free as are our quotes.

Thx / Peter McLaughlin / PM Systems

Monday, March 11, 2013

Plasma TV is Alive and Well

A  lot of people think that plasma TV technology just isn’t as sexy as what LED LCD television has to offer, mostly because of plasma’s rocky beginnings, or simply the fact that it’s older. While most plasmas don’t achieve that radioactive brightness that LEDs do, most won’t dispute that they tend to produce much better contrast and motion than their liquid crystal counterparts, especially when you get down into the midrange models.